Benefits for end-customers and formulators with 100% natural solvent, humectant, emollient replacement of synthetic/petroleum material which can be used across the entire personal care and cosmetic range

Activonol-3 is a natural, GMO-free Propanediol certified by Ecocert as a COSMOS approved raw material

 Natural Glycol, Replacement of synthetic & petroleum

 Moisturising Effect

 Anti-microbial Effect

 No Skin Irritation – Clinical Test

Activonol-3 is a 100% natural origin glycol and is a GMO-free natural material derived from a bio-fermentation process. Activonol-3 is colourless and odourless. Activonol-3 can be used for skin care and personal care products as a cosmetic solvent, humectant and emollient instead of synthetic and petroleum product. Its light skin feeling and easy spreadable character are very attractive to the formulator with good anti-microbial effect and no skin irritation.

Studies for this material have shown better skin moisturisation during initial application, along with a synergistic effect when potentially formulated with glycerin that improves and extends skin moisturisation.

From the perspective of an end-customer and formulator, this material can be used with proven and versatile efficacy across an extremely wide range of end-products, such as hair care, cleansers, moisturisers, sun care, baby care, cleansers, toiletries and cosmetics. It is also a preservative enhancer and can potentially be used as and with a range of natural preservatives. Activonol-3 can be used at low levels (1 – 10%) and works well with the phenoxyethanol-based and natural preservatives, boosting the preservative efficacy for gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and yeast and moulds.

Activonol-3 has a synergistic effect when used in a formulation. Activonol-3 increases hydration when used in hair and body products, at 5%, performs better than propylene glycol and butylene glycol. When combined with glycerin, Activonol-3 shows a synergistic effect that reduces the tackiness of glycerin, while offering the benefits of increased levels of hydration. When formulated into a sun care end-product; Activonol-3 acts as a solvent to keep the powdered water-soluble organic actives in-solution, whilst evaporation of water occurs as the cream is applied to the skin. Keeping the actives in-solution maximises their performance, allowing them to effectively protect against UVA and UVB.

Additional benefits of Activonol-3 include lack of skin irritation, improved humectancy and excellent sensory characteristics. These all contribute to an aesthetically pleasing moisturisation effect, with increased preservation and active efficiency across the formulation.

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