More benefits for end-customers and formulators with this 100% natural high-technology active material used in personal care 

Activonol-3 is GMO-free, a natural Propanediol and approved by COSMOS & ECOCERT

Activonol-3 is a 100% natural origin glycol and is derived from a bio-fermentation process. Activonol-3 is colourless and odourless. Activonol-3 can be used for skin care and personal care products as a cosmetic solvent, humectant and emollient instead of synthetic and petroleum product. Its light skin feeling and easy spreadable character are very attractive to the formulator with good anti-microbial effect and no skin irritation.

Studies for this material have shown better skin moisturisation during initial application, along with a synergistic effect when potentially formulated with glycerin that improves and extends skin moisturisation.

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Concept focuses on distributing natural products which are acquired through renewable sources

New All-in-One Blend - Citrue Bisabolol - Natural & Organic

Citrue Bisabolol produced by CitrĂ³leo is a natural product obtained by the fractional distillation of the essential oil of Candeia, a tree native to Brazil. 

The candeia tree is obtained through the implementation of the CITROLEO private forest management plan and also through partnerships with rural producers, which contemplate not only the planned removal of trees, but also the preservation of the trees for sowing and natural regeneration.

Due to its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-bactericidal and soothing properties, Alpha Bisabolol Natural is widely used by the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, in a range of formulations for hair, face and body.

All types of products for sensitive skin; Lipsticks and products for oral hygiene (toothpaste, mouth rinse); Sun shields and sun products; After-shave products; Oils and baby products; Antiacne products; Makeups and deodorants; Creams for hands and hair conditioners.